Back from Bouchercon

September 13th, 2018 18:59 by Albert Tucher

I'm just back from Bouchercon 2018 in St. Petersburg, and I'm starting to recover. I already knew I could sustain my conference personality for three days, but B'con adds up to four days. I did it, but damn, it was tiring. But also worth it. I reconnected with friends Nadine Nettmann, Jay Shepherd and Ray Salemi, and I met quite a few people who had been online friends for years, including Kristen Lepionka, Charles Todd, Michael Bracken and Dana King. It's such a huge conference that I never laid eyes on several people I knew were there.

I sold one copy each of THE PLACE OF REFUGE and THE HOLLOW VESSEL--a personal conference best. A high point was giving the toast to Nero Wolfe at the Wolfe Pack banquet. Many thanks to Jane Cleland for the opportunity.

Today I had recovered enough to register for Bouchercon 2019 in Dallas.