Lo, the Former Egyptian!

September 3rd, 2014 16:44 by Albert Tucher

That's a title by the humorist H. Allen Smith (1907-1976), who now seems nearly forgotten. Forty years ago, however, he made quite an impression on me with his collections of jokes. One that has preyed on my mind all these years goes as follows:

A guy goes into a drugstore to prepare for his big weekend. He has a hot babe on the string and access to a boat. So, he buys condoms for the usual reasons and Dramamine to ward off seasickness.

"Not my business," says the druggist, "but if it affects you that way, why do you bother?"

Yeah, it's kind of on the same level as fart jokes, but I was a teenager back then, and like most men, I still am on some level. But I have finally managed to put the joke to constructive use in my story Karma, which is now online in Spinetingler magazine.