Mr. Moderator!

June 11th, 2016 13:42 by Albert Tucher

A few weeks ago my friend Trisha Vanderhoof popped up with a request. She wanted me to moderate a panel discussion of plot twists and red herrings in mystery/crime fiction. My panelists were to be Jeffrey Somers, Michael Daigle, and Michael Ransom, none of whom I had met. The venue was the Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library, and it all happened last Saturday, June 4.

I said yes and immediately went into a frenzy of preparation and flat-out nerves. I had participated in panels before, but I had never been responsible for keeping the discussion relevant and interesting. I had to fill two hours, which was a longer period than any panel I had ever experienced.

In the end it went well. My authors were all articulate and eager to listen to each other as well as offer their own insights. The hosts were pleased, and Trisha warned me that she will ask me again.