February 10th, 2019 19:05 by Albert Tucher

My retirement became official on February 1, although I started drawing down vacation time just before Christmas.

I started work at the Newark Public Library on January 2, 1986. For six years before that I worked as a cataloger at the East Orange Public Library, and before that I worked for three years as a pre-order searcher (an arcane and thankfully obsolete clerical library job) at the Princeton University Libraries.

I joined the workforce part-time in the summer of 1969. I’d say I put in my time. If anyone disagrees, I’m frankly not interested.

I’m still feeling my way into retirement, with adjustments large and small. One small one: I’m doing about a third the amount of laundry I used to do. A larger one: only now that I have stopped commuting can I face how degrading it was to disembark from the train in Penn Station and join a thousand other commuters as we inched down the stairs from platform to station floor. The resemblance to cattle going to the slaughter is too vivid for comfort.

That’s all past. I am writing more and contributing more to the writing and publishing community. I recently was elected to the board of the New York chapter of Mystery Writers of America, with responsibility for the chapter’s bi-monthly readings at the KGB Bar in New York.

More to come!