The return of my Technical Consultant

December 14th, 2018 16:50 by Albert Tucher

She hasn't literally returned, but lately I have been replaying some of our conversations in my mind. She told me, for instance, that she sometimes worked on major holidays, because some of her clients had no one to spend the day with, or they did but wanted to get away from everyone. Holidays also put them in a tipping mood. I thought about that until I came up with The Best Gift of All , which puts Diana in a motel room with a client on Christmas Day. Appropriately enough, that story will appear in Shotgun Honey on December 25, 2018.

My TC also told me about a client who wanted her to come to him wearing a blatant hooker outfit consisting of a halter top and Lycra short shorts that didn't even cover her butt. She refused, saying, "You may not worry about what your neighbors think, but I have to. They can complain to the police about me and complicate my life."

This led to another story, which is currently in progress. As usual when I use one of her experiences, I upped the stakes. Diana agrees to get out of her car and strut up to the client's front door, but she's wearing even less than the hooker outfit. In fact, she's wearing nothing but stiletto heels. The client swears his neighborhood is deserted during the work and school day, and he promises her four times her usual rate.

Need I add that nothing goes according to plan? Stay tuned.