Who is Agnes Rodrigues?

April 23rd, 2014 16:56 by Albert Tucher

She is a character from the world of Diana Andrews. In my as yet unpublished novel Tentacles Diana travels to the Big Island of Hawaii with a client who neglects to mention that some nasty people are after him. Among the people she meets on the island is Detective Errol Coutinho of the Hawaii County Police. He has proved able to carry some stories of his own, and his usual adversary is a criminal defense attorney named Agnes Rodrigues.

Agnes gives no quarter to the police or anyone else who gets in her way. As her name suggests, she is of Portuguese descent. Portuguese ancestry makes an underrated contribution to the beauty of the women in Hawaii, and WTH, she's my character. She figures in a story called A Pocketful of Sand, which will appear in a forthcoming issue of Needle magazine, and I just finished a story with her as the main character. I submitted The Forgettable Man to the crime fiction contest sponsored by the Hofstra University law school. We'll see what happens.

So far, Diana and Agnes have not met, but I'm working on it. Any encounter between them is sure to be epic.